Ik ga mijn zoon Rupert noemen

“He was a freak. He looked like a character from Shrek. He was a black to white minstrel,” Everett told the Daily Mirror.
“He was crucified by that court case when he was accused of child molestation – that killed him. He personified the pain and anxiety of a black man in a slave country. We all watched as he changed from black to white. He was living performance art.”

Rupert Everett is known for his outspoken nature and controversial remarks. He has openly spoken about how he worked as a rent boy, to fund his drugs habit, when he was at stage school in London. He also admitted sending some of his pubic hair to a woman who criticised one of his stage performances.

The seven year itch

l didn’t tell you, but l have air conditioning in every room.
The kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom.


You just relax.
l’ll fix two drinks, and we’ll have a nice, quiet serious talk.

This is really the most!

Well, what shall we talk about?
How about psychoanalysis?
l don’t know how much you know
about it, but it’s a hobby of mine.
l like to wander through the labyrinth of the human mind.

What gets me is spending three ninety five for that miserable fan.
lt’s absolutely useless.
l’ll take it back to the store
to get my money back.
Just hope l didn’t lose the sales slip.

Forty eight hours ago we were strangers and now you’re here alone with me in my appartment.
How did it happen? Why did we meet?
The answer lies in the unconscious.

lf they won’t take back the fan, I’ll just pay another three dollars and get the largest one.
But that’s tomorrow.
What about tonight?
l’ve just got to get some sleep.

You actually think that plant fell by itself?
There are no accidents.
Nothing happens by itself.
We make it happen.
You didn’t accidentally brush the plant, you pushed it.

Maybe if l took the little fan, put it in the icebox and left the door open then left the bedroom door open and soaked the sheets and pillowcase in ice water…
No, that’s too icky.

Ik val op goeie smaak

In een ouwe Flair staan vijf vrijgezele mannen die date-baar zijn, waaronder Ralph. Ralph is model en een personal trainer van 32.
Elke vrijgezel werd gevraagd naar hun lievelings zomerdingen.
Nou Ralph? Wat jij?

Spa Blauw
Just wanna be a cowboy van Kid Rock.

Ralph lijkt me een heul gezellige jongen.


Ik ga mijn zoon Mitchum noemen

In an interview with Barry Norman for the BBC about his contribution to cinema, Robert Mitchum stopped Norman in mid flow and in his typical phlegmatic style said, “Look. I have two kinds of acting. One on a horse and one off a horse. That’s it.”

Antonette wil dood

~ de buurtbarbecue ~

“Ik eet altijd gewoon het liefste stokbrood met saus,” zegt Antonette op de buurtbarbecue tegen de buurvrouw.
“En echte mannen eten vlees van de grill!” roept Harold over de twee meter brede gasgrill heen en geeft Slager Henk die naast hem staat te grillen een por. De mannen lachen.
“Echte mannen bespringen hun vrouw als beesten,” mompelt Antonette. “Als ze hulpeloos de afwas doet, of als ze net de was in de centrifuge heeft gedaan in de bijkeuken en nog met de wasmand in haar handen dromerig naar buiten staat te staren.”
“Wat zeg je, lief?” roept Harold.
“Ik zeg helemaal niks,” antwoordt Antonette bits. “Draai jij die worsten nou maar om.”
De buurvrouw neemt beschaamd een slokje van haar witte wijn en Slager Henk en Harold lachen. Ze slaan elkaar op de schouders en leggen nog een stuk of wat gemarineerde koteletten op het grillrooster.